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AARAV Driving School
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          AARAV Driving School awarded as the best driving school in British Columbia based upon their student road test success rates. We provide training for Abbotsford, Aldergrove and Mission students. All of our driver instructor’s are ICBC certified and have been hired not only for their teaching abilities but also their outstanding patience and understanding who can train you to become a safe and defensive driver.
We understand that no one is born knowing how to drive, but that it is a skill that is obtained through proper training, understanding of the rules and experience through practicing good habits. Ultimately drivers cannot assess their own skill level and can benefit from having a skilled, trained professional in the passenger’s seat to observe, teach and correct the over 100 actions required to be a safe and legal driver on even the shortest trip. We want to develop lifelong driving habits and behaviors in our new young drivers, and create a safe environment for all of us, one driver at a time.
     At AARAV Driving School we don`t want you to just pass your road test, we want you to pass your road test with excellent driving skills and behaviors that will enable you to drive in any vehicle, in any situation, anywhere. Our goal is to help produce the best, safest and most competent drivers on BC’s roads and highways. We will give you the skills to operate in the biggest cities as well as the smallest towns.
     Most of us are aware of how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle and be in situations that are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. The ones who aren`t aware are new young drivers who may be able to pass a one-time road exam, but are ill prepared for the reality of driving on our fast paced roads and highways. We teach all of our students good defensive driving techniques as well as the proper application of the rules of the road.

      It does not matter what your age and driving experience are, we will give you the individual attention you need. You will learn how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to react and avoid accidents. If you are ready for your road test, and you'd like to use one of our cars, we will gladly make the appointment arrangements for you. To start your lesson or training, call us and we will be happy to help you.

     Thank you for your interest in our driving school. we look forward to teaching your children, friends and family members the best and safest way to become an excellent driver.

    Why Choose Us!

  • Beginner or Brush-up Lessons.
  • If you have failed in your road test, try one lesson with us and see the difference.
  • Special training to teenagers, young adults and senior citizens.
  • Special instructions before your road test.
  • Learn how to park in a simple & easy ways.
  • If you’ve never driven a car before at all, we’ll make you a perfect driver.
  • More than 100 road test tips.
  • Special training if you are new to Canada.
  • Small car available for your training and road test.
  • Patient, professional & experienced instructors.
  • One-on-one training.
  • Days, evenings & weekend lessons available.
  • Flexible schedule as per your choice 7 days a week.
  • We also accept debit, credit & eTransfers.
  • We provide instructions in English, Punjabi & Hindi.
Best Instructors in the Driving Industry
Our instructors are fully trained. We pride ourselves of having a team of instructors who are courteous, friendly, and are not your “typical” driving instructors by any means. We give you the confidence that you need to be safe and effective drivers.
Great Experience with Defensive Driving
We not only teach our students to drive, but we show them how to watch for potential accidents and avoid them, making them effective defensive drivers. Parents of teenage drivers can be rest assured that we will instill the defensive driving techniques in them.
Private In-Car Driving Lessons
Our Driving School in-car instructors demonstrate all life-saving techniques during the driving lesson. Our students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side. That means when it happens in real life – they’ll know what to do!