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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to some common questions about Aarav Driving School in Abbotsford, BC. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

  • What are the Class 4 requirements??

    A full-privilege B.C. driver's licence (Class 5 or 6) or an out-of-province equivalnet. Must be 19 years of age or older. Must have a minimum of two years of non-learner driving experience. A driving record with less than four penalty point incidents in the past two years. No driving- related criminal convictions within the past three years.

  • What is the process for booking lessons?

    Booking lessons with us is simple and conveninet. You can contact us directly via phone/text msg/whatsapp at 604-300-7799 or email us at aaravdrivingschool@gmail.com. We'll discuss your availability and preferences to schedule lessons that suit your timetable.

  • Can I change or cancel a scheduled driving lesson?

    Yes, we understand that schedules can change. If you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, we request that you inform us at least 4 working hours in advance. This allows us to adjust our schedule accordingly and possibly accommodate other students. Please note that cancellation or reschedules with less notice will be chargeable as per our policy.

  • Can I use my own car for the lesson?

    No. Because of ICBC requirements and liabilities we require all driving lessons to be conducted in our vehicles.

  • What are the requirements to get L License?

    To get L-License you need to pass the Knowledge Test, pass a vision and medical screening.

  • How many questions will be in class 7 knowledge test?

    Knowledge test contains 50 multiple-choice questions, you’ll need to get 40 out of 50 questions right.

  • How can I prepare myself for the knowledge test?

    You can download our free mobile app from Apple & Android to practice the knowledge test in English or in Punjabi.

  • Can i go for my class 7 knowledge test next day if i don't succeed?

    No, If you don't succeed, you can take the test again after 7 days.

  • What is the retest waiting period for class 5/7 road tests?

    First fail - 14 days, Second fail - 30 days, Third or more - 60 days.

  • Can i use the sunglasses on my road test?

    Yes, you are allowed to use the sunglasses during your road test.

  • I got my N today, can i take my friends with me now while i drive?

    You are allowed to take only 1 passenger in the vehicle with you unless: (a) the passenger are your immediate family or (b)if you are accompanied by a supervisor sitting beside you who is age 25 or older holding a valid class 1,2,3,4 or 5 license.

  • When should I start taking lessons?

    Anyone can improve their driving at any time. You could have your full privilege license (Class 5)- a driving instructor can help you learn certain maneuvers you may be struggling with and provide you with skills to be a safe and defensive driver. New drivers with a learner’s license (Class 7L) - ICBC recommends you have at least 60-hours of driving experience or practice before your Class 7N road test. We highly recommend a new driver to start taking their lessons upon receiving their learner's license (Class 7L). A few lessons in the early stages will provide you with a good idea of what you should work towards over the next year with your co-pilot. Drivers with more driving experience may want a couple of lessons before their road test to improve their driving skills, learn maneuvers they may need to know for their road test and work on driving habits that may require some attention.

  • How many driving lessons do I need to pass my road test?

    There is no requirement for anyone to use a driving school before they go for their road test. However, how many lessons you need will depend on your previous driving experience, driving habits, your confidence and aptitude for learning to drive. Everyone learns at different speeds. A one-on-one driving lesson with us will provide you with immediate feedback, and as an instructor I will personally be following your progress and advising you accordingly.

  • How old do I have to be to get a Driver's Lesson?

    To apply for a B.C. driver’s licence, you must be 16 years old or older. If you are under 19 years old, a parent or guardian (someone who is responsible for you) must sign the application.

  • Do you work on weekends?

    Yes, we work on weekends.

  • Can I be picked up at School, Home or Work?

    Yes, we will pick you up from any of those locations.

  • What car is used for my lessons?

    Students of AARAV Driving School will be taught using Toyota Corolla Hybrid compact vehicles. Our cars are serviced regularly and are up to date with the latest standard features. They are also equipped with an instructor-side second brake pedal, gas pedal and the steering wheel.

  • Do I need a valid driver's license to insure a vehicle?

    No. There are situations when you can insure a vehicle without a valid driver's license. For example, you might own and insure a vehicle but depend on others to drive it.

  • How much time early i can renew my driver license?

    You can renew your license up to six months (180 days) before it expires. Renewing early won't shorten its validity.

  • What Can I Expect To Learn During Driving Lessons?

    • Pre-trip Check • Steering Control • Speed Control • Braking • Scanning (Smith rules) • Blind Spot Checks • 2-Point and 3-Point Turns • Parallel Parking • Reverse & Front Parking • Hill Park & Curb Park • Backing up in a Straight Line • Hazard Perception • Highway Speed • Highway Perception • Following Distance • Lane Position • Lane Change • Left & Right Turns • Driving on Hills & Curve • U-turn & Cul de Sac • One Way Streets • Traffic Circles & Roundabouts • Railway Crossing • Space Cushion • Emergency Vehicles • Intersections • Right of Way • Point of No Return • Cyclists & Pedestrians Safety • Roads/Traffic Signs • 2-Way & 4-Way Stops • Road Test Evaluation

  • Can I text you?

    Yes. You can text us at 6043007799.